NCT DREAM Jeno wore jacket on shirtless ! His sexy outfits are a hot topic in NY Fashion Week !

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NCT DREAM Jeno is popular all over the world.

Jeno is a popular member with dog-like sweet looks and manly muscles.

Jeno appeared at New York Fashion Week on September 13th !

Many photos of Jeno are posted on NCT’s official Twitter and Instagram stories.

Jeno and SM Rookies Shohei and Eunseok are participating in NY Fashion Week, and their global activities are attracting attention.

I was wondering what kind of costume they would wear, and Jeno wore a jacket on shirtless!

Jeno’s costume at DREAM SHOW 2 held the other day was a hot topic, and his costume this time is also a hot topic because it is so sexy.

Jeno took photos with many fans, which showed Jeno’s kind personality.

Jeno was taking pictures with celebrities, and I could feel his global popularity.

Don’t just check out Jeno’s, but also Shohei and Eunseok’s outfits♪