Jungwoo’s abs are a hot topic! NCT127 “Who is STICKER” has been released!

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NCT127 is active all over the world.

NCT127 is very popular with “英雄(Kick It)” released in 2020.

A new video of NCT 127 , “Who is STICKER” has been released!

NCT 127 : Who is STICKER

This is a video of NCT127 “Who is STICKER” released at 00:00 on August 21st.

The story is connected to NCIT, which started on Instagram.

The atmosphere changed suddenly from Jungwoo in the latter half.

Jungwoo wore a crop top, and his abs were attracting attention!

Jungwoo’s abs have been famous among NCTzen, but in this video the fans were surprised his beautiful body.

Doyoung’s sleeveless outfit was also nice, and his arm muscles were amazing 😆

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NCT 127 is announced to make a comeback in September, so it seems that this “Who is STICKER” video is also related to the comeback.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the concept of NCT 127’s new song is!

Please check the information on NCT 127 in the future ♪