Introducing the profile of NCT127 Yuta! About real name, personality, birthplace, birthday, blood type, height, educational background, family !!

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NCT127 Yuta’s profile

Quote: rigD6r/

Real name: Yuta Nakamoto

Hangul name: 나카모토 유타 (중본유태)

Birth date: October 26, 1995

Birthplace: Japan, Osaka Prefecture, Kadoma City

Blood type: A type

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Family: parents, an older sister, a younger sister

NCT’s only Japanese member


NCT made up of multinational members.

There are members from various countries such as Korea, USA, Canada, China and Thailand, but Yuta is the only member from Japan at NCT.

Yuta, who was born in Osaka, teaches Japanese to the members.

Thanks to Yuta, the NCT127 members are using good Japanese even during their live performance in Japan.

When Yuta, who usually speaks Korean, speaks the Kansai dialect, it’s really cool.

To Korea, longing for TVXQ

Yuta became a fan of TVXQ, influenced by his mother who was a fan of TVXQ.

After that, Yuta passed the global audition held in Japan in 2012, and when he was 16, he went to Korea.

It’s amazing courage to go to Korea alone at the age of 16.

I admire that he will make his debut as NCT, even though that alone is amazing.

Yuta told usthat he have longed for TVXQ in the variety show he appeared on.

On December 25, 2019, Yuta covered TVXQ “White”.

It was surprising that Yuta released the cover video, but it was a song by TVXQ.

It was a video that gives a feeling of Yuta’s boyfriend.

Good at soccer!

Yuta’s specialty is soccer.

Yuta played soccer before he came to Korea, and his ability to play soccer was attracting attention at the idol championship.

Yuta used to act as a substitute for SHINee Minho.

Yuta, who shot in the PK match between ASTRO and NCT127, was really cool.

Yuta who is good-looking and versatile in sports is perfect.