The kindness of NCT Jaehyun who cares for Shotaro is a hot topic! NCT challenges sushi mission !!

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NCT 2020 member’s first reality program “NCT World 2.0”.

This time, I would like to introduce the sushi mission that NCT challenged!

This is the sushi mission of “NCT World 2.0” posted on YouTube.

The mission was “Eat 23 dishes per person, 115 dishes in total”.

The members who appeared blindfolded were interesting .

During the mission, the scene where Jaehyun cares about Shotaro was noticed!

Jaehyun used gestures to gently teach Shotaro, who did not understand the content of the mission.

Besides, Jaehyun sprinkled soy sauce on Shotaro’s plate, and Jaehyun’s kindness was wonderful!

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By the way, Jaehyun was on a diet to shoot a drama at this time.

It was interesting that Jaehyun gave up and ate it after all .

Please check out the upcoming “NCT World 2.0” ♪