Fans celebrate NCT Shotaro’s birthday! Trendy hashtags are full of Shotaro !!

Quote from:NCT twitter

Shotaro joined NCT 2020 as a new member.

Shotaro was a Japanese member following Yuta, and was a mysterious member.

Shotaro’s performance was shown for the first time in “Make A Wish”, and his excellent dance ability was noticed.

November 25th is the birthday of NCT’s new member Shotaro!

Shotaro, born November 25, 2000, is 20 years old.

Shotaro is popular for his cute charm with plenty of aegyo, and is said to be similar to an otter.

Many fans are healed by Shotaro’s laughing face!

Fans all over the world are celebrating Shotaro’s birthday for the first time on NCT.

Various hashtags for Shotaro, such as “#HAPPYSHOTARODAY”, “#ShootingStarShotaro”, “#可愛い_カワウソ_しょうたろうくんの_日” were in the trend!

I’m sure Shotaro is happy.

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Fans are paying attention to the scene where NCT members are kind to Shotaro.

Not only Yuta, but all the members care about the new members Shotaro and Sungchan, so it’s a wonderful group.

We also support Shotaro’s success in NCT in the future ♪

Happy Birthday Shotaro 🎉