EXO also goes to “KWANGYA” ! ? The lyrics of “Don’t fight the feeling” and aespa”Next Level”, NCT”90’s Love”are hot topics !

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EXO made a comeback with the new song “Don’t fight the feeling”.

Fans all over the world have been waiting for the comeback of K-POP legendary idol EXO.

In the released MV of EXO “Don’t fight the feeling”, the lyrics are attracting attention!

This is the MV of EXO “Don’t fight the feeling” released at 18:00 on June 7th.

It was a story of a spaceship appeared and connected from “POWER”.

There are many positive lyrics that encourage us😆

The lyrics that attracted particular attention are “KWANGYA”!

“KWANGYA” in Kai’s part also appeared in aespa’s new song “Next Level” and NCT U “90’s Love”.

All three groups show the same place called “KWANGYA”, which is interesting considering the meaning!

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The MV for “Don’t fight the feeling” was full of highlights, including the appearance of Lay.

The way it ends is also meaningful, and it seems to lead to future stories!

Please check the MV of “Don’t fight the feeling” carefully ♪