Impressed by the ending for EXO-L! The MV of “DO N’T FIGHT THE FEELING” has been released!

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Legendary K-POP idol EXO.

EXO made a comeback today with the release of their special album “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” on June 7th.

EXO’s comeback after a long absence has become a hot topic all over the world.

On June 7th, at 18:00, the MV for “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” was released!

EXO 엑소 'Don't fight the feeling' MV

This is the music video for EXO’s new song “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING”.

The MV teaser was released at 0 o’clock, and the pop melody was attracting attention.

The combination of ChanBaek (Chanyeol & Baekhyun) and XiuKai (Xiumin & Kai) was also cute!

Lay appeared and the fans were impressed 😭

The song was over and the ending roll was played.

At the end, there was the word “With EXO-L”, which impressed the fans!

The ending roll is over, and the last is the spaceship moving toward the light.

I’m looking forward to the future story.

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EXO finally made a comeback with “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING”.

Album sales have set a new record, and EXO’s popularity is amazing!

I’m looking forward to the activities of EXO members in the future ♪