NCT127 “Punch” baseball uniform version released! Pay attention to the members who became baseball boys! !!

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NCT127 who made a comeback with the new song “Punch”.

Each music program won first place, making a big hit.

A special version of NCT127 “Punch” has been released!

This is a special version of NCT127 “Punch” released on June 12.

They were performing “Punch” in a baseball uniform outfit.

Before the performance, they showed us the warming up like a baseball club .

NCT127 looked a little younger.

While the performance of “Punch”, the action of swinging the bad and the action of throwing the ball were added, which was a special performance.

It was a perfect and breathtaking performance as usual!

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NCT 127 has achieved million sales in the album “Neo Zone” series.

NCT127 will continue to be a big success in 2020.

I am looking forward to the success of NCT127 in the future♪