WayV dressed as Disney Princesses ! Winwin was very beautiful !!

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Quote from:WayV twitter
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NCT’s unit WayV, which is active mainly in China.

Recently, WayV members are active in Korea as NCT 2020.

WayV members dressed as Disney Princesses !

💌Ding-dong! Presents from the princesses are here!🎁

This is Way V members dressed as Disney Princesses .

Winwin dressed as Cinderella, Ten was Alice, Lucas was Elsa, Xiaojun was Jasmine, Hendery was Rapunzel, Kun was Snow White, and Yangyang was Ariel.

Everyone was so beautiful that fans were surprised.

October 28th was Winwin’s birthday, so it was a great gift for fans!

Their acting as a princess was also great!

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Winwin was celebrated by fans all over the world on his birthday.

Winwin was originally active on NCT 127, so he is a popular member in Korea too!

Please check Winwin’s activity on NCT 2020 ♪