NCT Haechan’s little sister appears on Instagram! ? They are so cute !


Haechan who is active as NCT127 and NCT DREAM.

Haechan is a busy member and is active in various fields.

Today, March 18th, Haechan’s little sister appeared on his Instagram!

HAECHAN on Instagram: "Photo by 여동생이여"
3M likes, 63K comments - haechanahceah on March 18, 2023: "Photo by 여동생이여"

These are photos posted on NCT Haechan’s personal Instagram.

It was written that Haechan’s little sister took photos.

There are various photos of Haechan, and they were all wonderful.

I was surprised to see Haechan and his little sister in the last photo!

She is somewhat similar to Haechan, it was a wonderful photo😆

Today, Haechan was in Tokyo on his family trip.

Bubble became a hot topic when Haechan posted a photo at Tokyo Disney (Land or Sea).

In the future, Haechan may post other photos in Tokyo, so let’s check them out♪