Jungwoo’s thumbnail is so cute! NCT127 “STICKER” MV teaser released!

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NCT127’s new song “STICKER” will be released on September 17th.

This is NCT 127’s first comeback in over a year, and NCTzen around the world is paying attention to it.

On September 16th, the MV teaser for NCT 127 “STICKER” was released!

NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Sticker' MV Teaser

This is the MV teaser for NCT127 “STICKER” released at 00:00 on September 16th.

Image teasers related to “STICKER” have been posted so far, and the MV teaser has finally been released.

Jungwoo’s thumbnail was so cute!

Jungwoo was in the heart mark and it was a really nice thumbnail 😆

The thumbnails looked cute, but the actual MV teaser was a cool concept.

I want to see the full MV as soon as possible!

Don’t miss the MV release of “STICKER” on September 17th ♪