NCT127 “STICKER” Twitter emoji is a hot topic! Hashtags of NCT127 members are trending!

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NCT127 will make a comeback with their new album “STICKER” on September 17th.

The MV teaser for “STICKER” has been released, and fan’s expectations are rising.

NCT 127 “STICKER” Twitter emoji (hashflag) is now available!


This is the Twitter emoji (hashflag) related to NCT127 “STICKER”.

Not only the “STICKER” logo, but also the icons of each member are displayed, which is so nice 😆

Events for the comeback of NCT127 have become a hot topic all over the world.

Due to the effect of the hash flag event, the names of NCT127 members are trending on Twitter.

NCT127’s comeback is still tomorrow, and you can see the popularity of NCT127.

I’m looking forward to the MV for NCT 127’s new song “STICKER” to be released tomorrow ♪