NCT127 Yuta’s belly piercing and tattoo are cool! Yuta’s outfit at MCOUNTDOWN is a hot topic!

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NCT127 made a comeback with the new song “Sticker”.

“Sticker” has won first place in each music program.

Yuta’s outfits were attracted attention at M COUNTDOWN broadcast on September 30th!

These are photos posted on M COUNTDOWN’s official Twitter account.

The outfits this time were white and beautiful.

Yuta and Jaehyun wore see-through outfits, and their upper bodies were sexy.

Yuta’s belly piercing and butterfly tattoo attracted attention!

Fans knew about Yuta’s belly piercing and tattoo for a long time, but they are rarely seen, so it was a rare outfits.

Not only Yuta and Jaehyun, but Taeyong and Jungwoo also wore sexy outfits😆

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NCT127 “Sticker” won the 1st place on this M COUNTDOWN.

At the encore stage, they put stickers on each other and are so cute!

Let’s check the encore stage ♪