NCT127 Doyoung covers BTS “The Truth Untold”! !


The popular KPOP idol NCT 127.

They’re working on a new song “Punch” lately!

NCT127 members are full of charm, but this time I would like to introduce the BTS “The Truth Untold” covered by NCT127 Doyoung!

This is Doyoung’s “The Truth Untold” shown at V Live.

“The Truth Untold” is a song sung by the BTS vocal team and is a popular song.

Doyoung version of “The Truth Untold” was also wonderful!

His beautiful treble was especially amazing.

It has a different charm from BTS.

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NCT127 Doyoung’s V Live.

NCT often broadcasts V-lives recently.

I’m looking forward to what kind of V-live will be broadcast next time.