TWICE Dahyun covers “Feel Special” with piano! Show off her beautiful voice! !


TWICE Dahyun celebrates her birthday on May 28th.

TWICE members were celebrating Dahyun’s birthday.

Such TWICE Dahyun covered “Feel Special” with a piano!

This is the piano cover for TWICE Dahyun’s “Feel Special” released on May 28th.

I was surprised at Dahyun’s skill at playing the piano!

Dahyun sang a song as well.

Dahyun is in charge of rap, so Dahyun’s vocal was valuable.

The piano version of “Feel Special” was also wonderful.

I am calm just by listening.

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TWICE Dahyun covers “Feel Special” with piano.

Dahyun’s wonderful cover video quickly exceeded 1 million views.

Twice as expected!

A nice video was released on her birthday.

A gift from Dahyun to ONCE.

Please check it out!