TWICE Chaeyoung and Momo imitate JYPark! ? Memes is a topic !!


JYPark became a hot topic after appearing in the Nizi project.

There were a lot of viewers who were impressed by JYPark’s loving messages.

Such JYPark posted memes of TWICE Chaeyoung and Momo!

This is a photo posted on JYPark’s official Instagram.

” You guys should definitely stop making my memes so the girls won’t do this…TT ” JY Park commented.

It seems that Chaeyoung and Momo imitated JYPark’s boyfriend-like photo, which is a hot topic on the net.

This was a post where you can feel the bond between JYPark and TWICE.

By the way, the comment from 2PM Juno asked “Is it a challenge?”.

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JYPark is always entertaining.

This time, he showed us interesting pictures of Chaeyoung and Momo.

I’m looking forward to the next post by JYPark♪