TWICE “Alcohol-Free” MV released! Pay attention to the lyrics with the theme of liquor!

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TWICE, a 9-member girl group belonging to JYP Entertainment.

TWICE has released a lot of hit songs so far, and it is a very popular group all over the world, mainly in Asia.

The MV for the title song “Alcohol-Free” of TWICE’s new album “Taste of Love” has been released!

This is the MV for TWICE “Alcohol-Free” released at 18:00 on June 9th.

The MV teaser was released, and the concept of summer was attracting attention.

It is the summer song since “More & More” .

The chorus dance was sexy and matched well with the melody.

In the Sana and Momo parts, various liquor names appear, and unique lyrics are also talked about!

There were a lot of choreography that I was interested in, after the first chorus was over, the dance in Dahyun’s part was cute 😊

I’m wondering what kind of performance we can see in the live performance!

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TWICE finally made a comeback with the new song “Alcohol-Free”.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of outfits in the music program!

Please check out the comeback activities of TWICE “Alcohol-Free” in the future ♪