BLACKPINK Jennie presented sunglasses for TWICE Nayeon’s birthday! ? The friendship between the two is a topic !!

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TWICE Nayeon celebrated her birthday on September 22nd.

TWICE Nayeon’s birthday was celebrated by fans all over the world.

It has been talked about that BLACKPINK Jennie gave a present on TWICE Nayeon’s birthday!

This is an image of V Live broadcast by TWICE Nayeon on September 21st to commemorate her birthday.

The sunglasses that Nayeon wore were GENTLE MONSTER’s IN THE MOOD sunglasses, and BLACKPINK Jennie once wore the sunglasses.

It was rumored among fans that Jennie might have given it to Nayeon’s birthday present!

Jennie and Nayeon are idols from different agencies, but they have long been known to have a good relationship.

The friendship between top idols is wonderful.

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TWICE Nayeon also posted a cover song of Harry Styles and Official Hige Dandism for her fans.

You can feel the Nayeon’s feelings towards her fans!

We will continue to support Nayeon’s success ♪