Beautiful TWICE Tzuyu with no makeup! Greetings to fans in Chuseok

Quote from:TWICE instagram

TWICE is made up of 9 members.

TWICE is also attracting attention for their beautiful visuals.

TWICE Tzuyu posted a photo to commemorate Chuseok!

Here is a picture of Tzuyu posted on TWICE’s official Instagram.

“ONCE have a fun Chuseok ~ 😊”

Tzuyu was eating something and seemed to be enjoying Chuseok.

It didn’t look like Tzuyu was wearing make-up, but she was beautiful.

Tzuyu’s face expression was also cute.

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Not only Tzuyu but also other TWICE members posted to commemorate Chuseok.

I hope TWICE, who are always busy, can relax in Chuseok!

It was announced that TWICE will make a comeback soon, so please check that out too ♪