NiziU in school uniform is too cute! !

Quote from:NiziU instagram

NiziU was born from the audition program Nizi Project.

In the pre-debut song “Make you happy”, skipping rope dance has become a hot topic.

Introducing NiziU’s too cute school uniform!

Here is a photo posted on NiziU’s official Instagram.

Mako greeted fans “October has started from today ~ 🎵”.

Their school uniform with the pink line in dark blue was cute!

Not only Mako, but also Miihi, Ayaka, Riku, Rima, and Nina were shown together, and everyone looked good in their school uniforms.

The hat that Rima wore was also cute.

In the video, Mako and Miihi were rabbits and they were cute.

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The other day, NiziU members returned to Japan on Chuseok.

Returning to Japan for the first time in a long time is attracting attention.

It would be nice to take a rest during Chuseok!

We support the future success of NiziU ♪