Best friend ! TWICE Sana’s “Tomboy” challenge with (G)I-DLE Miyeon is so cute ! Jihyo also danced with Minnie & Shu Hua ♪


(G)I-DLE made a comeback with the new song “TOMBOY”.

“TOMBOY” is a popular song with a rock tone, and the TikTok dance challenge is also popular.

Today, March 27th, TWICE Sana participated in “TOMBOY” challenge!

This is “TOMBOY” challenge of Miyeon and TWICE Sana posted on the official Instagram of (G)I-DLE.

Miyeon and Sana have been famous for being close friends like best friends.

Sana’s “TOMBOY” is cute, and at the end, Sana and Miyeon hugged each other !

It was a wonderful dance challenge and I understood the good relationship between Sana and Miyeon.

Not only Sana, but Jihyo danced “TOM BOY” challenge with Minni & Shuhua.

Jihyo has a perfect facial expression, and her “TOMBOY” dance is cool.

At the end, Jihyo did (G) I-DLE pose, Minnie and Shuhua did TWICE pose, and the collaboration between popular idols was wonderful 😆

When TWICE comeback next time, I would like to see a video of (G)I-DLE members dancing TWICE’s song ♪