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Sana & Momo became ramen, Dahyun became Hulk! ? TWICE’s 6th anniversary live is so cute! Jeongyeon became handsome man!

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Popular idol TWICE belonging to JYP Entertainment.

TWICE debuted on October 20, 2015, and today celebrates its 6th anniversary since its debut.

In the V live broadcasted by TWICE to commemorate the 6th anniversary of their debut, the cute cosplay of the members has become a hot topic!

This is TWICE’s 6th anniversary V live broadcasted on October 20th.

It was broadcasted through YouTube and V Live, and was watched by ONCE all over the world.

TWICE’s cosplays that attracted attention are Dahyun as Hulk, Chaeyoung as squid game guard, Jihyo as cactus, Nayeon as a 6-year-old baby, Mina as her mom Michiko, Sana and Momo as cup ramen, Tzuyu as archer, and Jeongyeon as a dinosaur rider.

Dahyun’s Hulk was very funny !

Sana and Momo became in a cup ramen together and they were so cute 😆

Jeongyeon, who was worried about her condition, also participated, and it was nice to be dressed as a man.

It’s really amazing that 9 members are still good friends even 6 years after their debut!

I hope TWICE will continue to work with 9 people for a long time ♪