TWICE Sana cosplays as Snow White! The stage of “MORE & MORE” is a topic !!


TWICE who released the new song “MORE & MORE”.

TWICE’s album sales have been strong, and have also won first place in a music program.

On the stage of the music bank’s first half financial results broadcast on June 26, TWICE cosplayed as Snow White’s character and showed off the stage of “MORE & MORE” !!

This is the stage of TWICE “MORE & MORE” shown at Music Bank.

The intro is “Feel Special”, Sana is Snow White, JeongYeon is a witch, and the other members are cosplaying as dwarfs!

Sana’s Snow White cosplay suits her very well.

The witch of Jeongyeon was also cool and beautiful!

The cosplay of the other members’ dwarfs was also really cute.

Momo wore glasses and she was cute during the dance break!

It was a fun stage like Halloween.

An apple appears in the MV of “MORE & MORE”, so it fits the story well!

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All members are cute TWICE.

TWICE’s Snow White cosplay was the best!

Please check it out!