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NiziU dance covered TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away” !!

Quote from:YouTube
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Nizi U who made their debut through the Nizi project.

NiziU is attracting attention from all over the world as it debuts from a major entertainment agency JYP Entertainment.

Such NiziU covered the dance of TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away”!

NiziU "Dance The Night Away -Japanese ver.- (TWICE)" DANCE COVER

This is the dance cover video of “Dance The Night Away” by NiziU released on YouTube.

This is a song by TWICE, and it’s a song with a lot of dance, but NiziU covered it well.

In addition, TWICE and NiziU are the same group of 9 people, so there was a member in charge of each.

Mako was Nayeon, Riku was Sana, Rima was Tzuyu, Maya was Mina, Miihi was JeongYeon , Rio was Chaeyoung, Mayuka was Dahyun, Ayaka was Momo, Nina was in charge of Jihyo’s part!

Since it was NiziU’s first cover video, it became a hot topic at once.

I hope NiziU will continue to post various videos.

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TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away” dance covered by NiziU.

NiziU’s dance was also cute.

Please check it out♪