NiziU dance covered TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away” !!

Quote from:YouTube

Nizi U who made their debut through the Nizi project.

NiziU is attracting attention from all over the world as it debuts from a major entertainment agency JYP Entertainment.

Such NiziU covered the dance of TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away”!

This is the dance cover video of “Dance The Night Away” by NiziU released on YouTube.

This is a song by TWICE, and it’s a song with a lot of dance, but NiziU covered it well.

In addition, TWICE and NiziU are the same group of 9 people, so there was a member in charge of each.

Mako was Nayeon, Riku was Sana, Rima was Tzuyu, Maya was Mina, Miihi was JeongYeon , Rio was Chaeyoung, Mayuka was Dahyun, Ayaka was Momo, Nina was in charge of Jihyo’s part!

Since it was NiziU’s first cover video, it became a hot topic at once.

I hope NiziU will continue to post various videos.

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TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away” dance covered by NiziU.

NiziU’s dance was also cute.

Please check it out♪