TWICE’s “MORE & MORE” MV reaction video! Introducing the inside story of shooting! !


TWICE made a comeback with the new song “MORE & MORE”.

TWICE performing in the jungle was a wonderful MV.

Twice themselves have reacted to the MV of “MORE&MORE”!

This is the MV reaction video of TWICE “MORE&MORE” released on June 6th.

The MV reaction by the people was valuable.

Nayeon, Jihyo, and JeongYeon were praising each time they appeared and it was interesting.

Tzuyu seems to have become friends with the cheetah that appeared on the MV .

By the way, the horse seems to be real.

Because it was filmed in Jeju Island, it seems that the wind was strong and the filming was difficult.

They also talked about celebrating ChaeYoung ‘s birthday during the MV shoot.

They’ve also celebrated the birthday of the cinematographer.

It was fun to hear a lot of secret stories about MV shooting.

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MV of TWICE “MORE & MORE” full of highlights.

The reaction video by the people was also interesting.

Please check it out!