It’s like twins! ? TWICE Sana and Nayeon have similar hairstyles !!

Quote from:VLIVE
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TWICE is made up of 9 members full of individuality.

V-live, which TWICE frequently posted, is also very popular.

In the V-live posted by TWICE Nayeon, it became a topic that Sana and Nayeon have similar hairstyles!!

Here is the hairstyle of Nayeon and Sana at V Live.

Both of them looked like their brown hair and short hairstyle!

In this V-live, Sana was drinking Nayeon’s coffee and there were lots of cute scenes.

Momo’s pet dog, Boo, was also introduced!

TWICE has posted a lot of V-lives recently, so fans are happy.

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TWICE Nayeon’s V Live.

The hairstyles that look exactly like Nayeon and Sana were talked about.

I’m looking forward to the next TWICE V live♪

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