The ending QR code is a hot topic! TWICE “Talk that Talk” MV released!


TWICE belonging to JYP Entertainment.

Recently, all 9 members of TWICE have renewed their contracts, and their strong bond has attracted attention.

Today, August 26th, the MV for TWICE’s new song “Talk that Talk” has been released!

The music video for TWICE “Talk that Talk” has been released on YouTube.

Many ONCE were looking forward to TWICE’s comeback since “SCIENTIST” in Korea.

The released “Talk that Talk” was a MV full of highlights.

The costumes changed one after another, and the performance was interesting, such as the dance that expresses “LOVE”.

The hairstyles were all unique, and we were able to see a new look of TWICE.

the QR code that appears at the end of the MV for “Talk that Talk” is a hot topic!

You may be wondering what the QR code represents.

Actually, when you read this QR code, it leads to a post on TWICE’s official Instagram!

The post was a photo taken on November 3, 2015, the birthday of TWICE’s fan ONCE.

It was a moving surprise for ONCE😭

Don’t miss TWICE’s “Talk that Talk” comeback activities starting now♪