StrayKids Bang Chan and his sister Hannah are cute! Pet dog Berry also so cute! V Live from Bangchan’s home in Australia!

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Bang Chan, leader of StrayKids.

Bang Chan is a reliable leader of StrayKids and has a lot of trust from the members.

Today, August 29th, Bang Chan broadcasted a V Live from his home in Australia!

[V LIVE] Chan's "Room” 🐺 Ep. 172 - Home
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This is the V Live broadcast by StrayKids Bang Chan.

Bang Chan seemed relaxed after being able to return to Australia after a long absence.

His pet dog, Berry, appeared at V Live!

Bang Chan’s voice when calling Berry seemed so happy.

There was also a conversation scene with Bang Chan’s younger sister, Hannah!

Hannah is famous among STAY.

Bang Chan asked Hannah, “Did you put on makeup?” .

It was an interesting conversation because I could feel good relationship between Bang Chan and Hannah.

Today, Felix also broadcasted a TikTok live from Australia, so so check it out♪