TWICE holds Beyond Live! Momo became blue hair, Jihyo became red hair, and Tzuyu became orange hair !!

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TWICE held the first online concert “Beyond Live-TWICE: World in a Day” on August 9th.

TWICE’s Beyond Live had a different charm from usual live.

In Beyond Live, the hair colors of MOMO, JIHYO, and TZUYU became hot topics!

Momo had blue hair and Jihyo had red hair!

Momo and Jihyo had a hair color like never before, but they looked good and they were cool.

By the way, Tzuyu that had hidden her hair color on V-Live had a orange hair.

Tzuyu’s hair seems to change color when exposed to light.

TWICE members often change their hair color, so I’m looking forward to it every time.

Of course, the live performance at Beyond Live was also wonderful.

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TWICE held a concert with fans all over the world at Beyond Live.

TWICE is challenging many things.

Members’ hair colors and hairstyles became a hot topic.

We will support the future success of TWICE♪