TWICE releases new song “Fanfare” MV! Pay attention to the lyrics like cheering songs that make you feel better! !

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TWICE made up of global members.

TWICE has 3 members in Japan, and they are very active in Japan.

Such TWICE has released a new Japanese song “Fanfare” MV!

This is the MV of TWICE “Fanfare” released on June 19th.

As the title says, it was a light song with fanfare resounding.

There were many cheerful lyrics, such as cheering songs, such as “Let’s step forward. Come on.” “You can redo many times.“.

The powerful dance is also a highlight!

TWICE was performing well in light blue and white costumes.

I want people who are working hard towards their dreams to listen.

It was a wonderful song that just seemed to make me feel better.

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MV of TWICE’s new song “Fanfare” finally released.

TWICE was a happy MV.

It’s a perfect song when you feel like you’re disappointed or when you’re not feeling well!

Please check it out!