IZ*ONE Nako Yabuki posted the photos with TWICE Jihyo! The friendship between popular idols has become a hot topic!


IZ*ONE debuted from the popular audition program Produce48.

IZ*ONE held an online concert “ONE, THE STORY” on March 13th and 14th.

This time, I will introduce the photos with TWICE Jihyo posted by Nako Yabuki, a Japanese member of IZ*ONE!

Here are the photos of Nako Yabuki and TWICE Jihyo posted on the official Instagram of IZ*ONE.

The message was “With Jihyo eonni💕”.

Nako and Jihyo shot with a bear hood and a rabbit filter, and both of them were so cute!

The friendship between popular idols has become a hot topic among KPOP fans.

They were introduced as new friends in a behind-the-scenes video of MAMA held in Japan in 2018.

It seems that they have been friends for a long time, and it’s a wonderful friendship!

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IZ*ONE will disband in April.

I am wondering what kind of activities IZ*ONE members will do after their disbandment.

I hope the success of IZ*ONE members in the future ♪