Blonde is beautiful ! Twice Momo and Mina celebrate dispatch dance video is a hot topic!

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Girls group TWICE is very popular in the world.

It is a group consisting of nine members from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The visuals of the members who imagechange every time are attracting attention, too.

On April 15th, TWICE’s Momo and Mina released a dance video to commemorate the 5 million followers of KOREA DISPATCH’s Instagram.

Twice Momo and Mina dance comical dances to the music.

Especially, their hair color which became blonde became a topic.

Mina had already been blonde at V Live on her birthday, but we were surprised because MOMO had become blonde.

Both of them look good with blondes.

In the video that was released, it was also a highlight that two people’s costumes were changing along the way.

It is a video that seems to become a habit.

Please check it out♪