TWICE Tzuyu covers Taylor Swift “ME!”! Stray Kids Bang Chan also participated and became a hot topic!

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Popular girls group TWICE belonging to JYP Entertainment.

TWICE is made up of 9 members, and not only performance but also unique character is popular.

The youngest member of TWICE is Tzuyu, who is popular for her beautiful looks.

TWICE Tzuyu has covered Taylor Swift’s “ME!”.

This is a video of TWICE Tzuyu’s “ME!” posted on YouTube on June 28th.

In the melody project , Tzuyu covered Taylor Swift’s “ME!”.

In the MV, Tzuyu was riding a merry-go-round, which fits perfectly with the concept of “ME!”.

In this video, Tzuyu was full of smiles and she is very cute 😆

In addition, Stray Kids Bang Chan participated in “ME!” by Tzuyu .

The cool singing voice of Bang Chan and the cute singing voice of Tzuyu are perfectly compatible, and the best collaboration has become a hot topic!

I would like to see the performance of “ME!” sung by Tzuyu on concert someday ♪