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TWICE Sana’s beautiful abs are the topic! Post photos with outstanding style !!

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TWICE updates Instagram every day.

On August 7th, TWICE Sana posted a photo with outstanding style!

Quote: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDkXtyOjArC/

Here is a photo of Sana posted on TWICE’s official Instagram.

It was a photo that highlights the good style of Sana.

Attention was focused especially on the beautiful abdominal muscles of Sana!

Sana has a style that any woman longs for.

In addition, Sana was lying down and photos of various poses were posted.

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TWICE Sana is not only cute but has a perfect style.

Sana’s abdominal muscles became a hot topic.

Next, I’m looking forward to who will post what on TWICE instagram♪