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TWICE Nayeon covered Official HIGE DANdism “I LOVE …” on her birthday! Singing ability is a topic! Happy Nayeon Day !!

Quote from:YouTube
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TWICE, a girls group active in the world.

TWICE is very popular in Japan.

September 22nd is TWICE Nayeon’s birthday.

Fans all over the world were celebrating Nayeon’s birthday.

Such TWICE Nayeon has covered “I LOVE …” of Official Hige Dandism!

“I LOVE… (Official HIGE DANdism)” Cover by NAYEON-Vocals Only

This is the cover video of TWICE Nayeon “I LOVE …” released on YouTube on September 22nd.

A photo commemorating Nayeon’s birthday was shown, and it became a cute music video.

Official Hige Dandism’s “I LOVE …” is a big hit in Japan as the theme song of the drama.

It was an wonderful surprise for Japanese fans that Nayeon sang it!

TWICE’s song also shows Nayeon’s stable vocals, and Nayeon’s vocals also attracted attention in this “I LOVE …”.

Although it was difficult in Japanese, I was impressed that Nayeon sang everything perfectly.

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Nayeon covered “Falling” of Harry Styles as well as “I LOVE …” of Official Hige Dandism.

Nayeon’s English was also wonderful!

Please check that out too ♪