Also KWANGYA! ? The lyrics of NCT DREAM “Hello Future” are wonderful!

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NCT DREAM formed by the youngest members of NCT.

The sales of the album “Hot Sauce” released by NCT DREAM in May have reached double million and have become a hot topic.

NCT DREAM is back with a new song “Hello Future”!

This is the MV for NCT DREAM “Hello Future” released at 18:00 on June 28th.

NCT DREAM performed “Hello Future” a little on the Music Bank.

It was a song with a cute concept, and the lyrics full of hope were wonderful.

The lyrics that attracted particular attention were “KWANGYA”!

Recently, “KWANGYA” has appeared frequently in the lyrics of SM idol songs such as aespa, NCT U, and EXO, and it has become a hot topic among fans.

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Not only the lyrics but also the MV story of “Hello Future” was amazing!

Please check out the comeback activities of NCT DREAM’s “Hello Future” starting from now on ♪