TWICE Momo went to the concert venue with her dog, Boo! Momo taking a walk with Boo is a topic !!


TWICE has successfully completed the online concert “Beyond Live-TWICE: World in a Day”.

Beyond Live was also talked about by TWICE member’s hair.

Momo is the member who was particularly talked about.

Momo had blue hair.

ONCE was surprised at MOMO’s unexpected hair color.

Speaking of MOMO, it’s been popular recently to interact with her dog, Boo.

Momo taking a walk with Boo is a topic !!

MOMO was bringing Boo to the live venue, and you can see Momo’s love for Boo.

Boo is loved by Momo and is a happy dog.

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Momo is popular for her cute interaction with her dog, Boo.

I’m jealous of Boo because it’s loved by all TWICE members.

Please check it out♪