Jasmine, Mulan, Alice, Frozen! IZ*ONE cosplayed Disney Princess and show “Secret Story of the Swan” !!

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Music Bank’s first half total settlement special broadcast on June 26.

A lot of popular idols appeared.

A special stage that is different from usual has become a hot topic.

This time, IZ*ONE will introduce the stage of “Secret Story of the Swan”, which was performed by Disney Princess such as Jasmine, Mulan and Alice.

This is the stage of the IZ*ONE “Secret Story of the Swan” that was shown on June 26th.

The cosplay costumes of the members have become a hot topic!

Yena is Alice in Wonderland, Eunbi was Bell, Chaeyeon is Mulan, Yabuki Nako is Merida, Yujin was Aladdin’s Jasmine, Chaeyeon was Anna, Honda Hitomi was Elsa, Wonyoung. was Cinderella, Minju was Rapunzel, Hyewon was Clara, Miyawaki Sakura was Aurora Aurora, and Yuri was Ariel.

Each of them had transformed into a Disney princess that fits their image!

It was like Halloween~

I personally liked Yena’s Alice and Chaeyeon’s Mulan .

The costume was suitable for the “Secret Story of the Swan”, which looks like a fairy tale.

I would like to see various costumes of IZ*ONE from now on.

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IZ*ONE cosplayed as Disney Princess.

It’s a special costume and it’s a permanent preservation stage!

Please check it out!