NCT127 “Kick It” without Taeyong! Who did stand in? Focus on wonderful costumes !!

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Music Bank’s first half total settlement special broadcast on June 26.

A lot of popular idols such as NCT, TWICE, OH MY GIRL and TXT have appeared.

This time, I would like to introduce the stage of NCT127 “Kick It”!

This is the stage of NCT127 “Kick It” that was shown on June 26 at the Music Bank.

Taeyong was absent from this broadcast for health reasons.

It was disappointing news for fans.

The stage set was so gorgeous that you could fully feel the world of “Kick It”.

The costume with the dragon pattern was also wonderful.

Taeyong’s part was anxious, but the first climax and rap part was Jaehyun, the second climax was Johnny, and the dance break was Yuta.

It was a different stage than usual!

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The stage of NCT127 “Kick It” where Taeyong was absent.

It’s a pity that Taeyong wasn’t there, but it was a gorgeous and cool stage.

Please check it out!