IZ*ONE Japanese members (Sakura, Nako and Hitomi) are finally back in Japan! Hitomi was crying!?

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IZ*ONE debuted from Produce48.

It was announced that IZ*ONE ends their activities on April 29th today.

Because IZ*ONE was active for a long time, some fans have asked them to continue their activity.

IZ*ONE’s Japanese members, Sakura Miyawaki and Nako Yabuki, Hitomi Honda, have returned to Japan for the first time in a while !!

Since 2020, IZ*ONE has been unable to come to Japan and perform live due to the influence of the coronavirus.

Also Sakura , Nako and Hitomi couldn’t come back to Japan.

For two and a half years, they worked hard in Korea as IZ*ONE, and finally came back to Japan, and Japanese fans are happy.

When they left Korea, many reporters and fans visited the airport!

I was impressed by the scene where Hitomi Honda was about to cry because of the support from her fans 😢

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When they worked in Japan, they are a little young, but when I looked at the airport photos this time, all three became more beautiful.

Especially Hitomi Honda has pink hair and she was really cool. 😆

I’m wondering if they will be active in Japan or South Korea from now on!

I support the activities of all IZ*ONE members in the future♪