Sunghoon & Wonyoung in pilot outfits are so cool! Comeback interview with ENHYPEN is a hot topic!


Music program “Music Bank” broadcast in South Korea.

ENHYPEN Sung Hoon and IZ*ONE Won Young became new MCs of Music Bank since last week, and the special stage of “Butter” has become a hot topic.

Today, at the Music Bank broadcast on October 15, Sung Hoon and Won Young wore pilot outfits!

These are the photos of Sung Hoon and Won Young posted on Music Bank’s official Twitter account.

They were two people with outstanding style, and they were so cool pilots.

In addition, there was a comeback interview with ENHYPEN, to which Sung Hoon belongs, at this Music Bank!

This is ENHYPEN’s comeback interview at Music Bank posted on YouTube.

The atmosphere was good, and ENHYPEN members staring at Sung Hoon’s MC were wonderful.

There was a scene to celebrate Heeseung’s birthday, so there were plenty of things to see!

ENHYPEN performed comeback stages of “Go Big or Go Home” and “Tamed-Dashed” , so let’s check it out ♪