NCT(WayV) Kun and ENHYPEN Jungwon were SM Entertainment trainees together! ? Their close relationship is wonderful!

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WayV is very popular group all over the world.

Kun is the leader of WayV.

Kun is known for his kind and attractive personality so that many fans want to get married with him.

Yesterday, Kun talked about ENHYPEN Jungwon on the radio broadcast on January 14th!

Actually, before becoming a trainee of BIGHIT, Jungwon is said to have been a trainee at the same SM Entertainment as Kun.

Kun told us about Jungwon when ENHYPEN’s new song “Blessed-Cursed” was played on the radio.

Jungwon, who Kun knew, seems to be cute like a baby 😆

The surprising relationship between Kun and Jungwon has been revealed, and it has become a hot topic among KPOP fans.

I would like to see Jungwon and Kun co-star on stage someday ♪