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AFTERSCHOOL Kaeun, NU’EST Baekho, etc.! Produce 101 series trainees who were unfairly eliminated were revealed ! Members who were supposed to be IZ*ONE, WannaOne, and X1 are talking about !!

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Quote from:Mnet
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Produce 101, an audition program that caused a social phenomenon in South Korea.

KPOP fans all over the world were paying attention to Produce101 where I.O.I was born, Produce101 Season 2 where Wanna One was born, Produce48 where IZ*ONE was born, and ProduceX101 where X1 was born.

In ProduceX101, where X1 was born, voting operations have become a debate and have become a trial.

Trainees who were unfairly eliminated by Ahn Joon Young’s manipulation in the Produce 101 series have been revealed!

Produce101: Kim Suhyun, Seo Hyelin

Produce101 Season 2: Seong Hyunwoo (LIMITLESS), Kang Dongho (NU’EST)

Produce48: Lee Kaeun (from AFTERSCHOOL), Han Chowon (CUBE Entertainment)

ProduceX101: Kim Kookheon (B Of You), Lee Jinwoo (GHOST9), Koo Jungmo(CRAVITY), Lee Jinhyuk (UP10TION), Keum Donghyun

NU’EST Dongho, AFTERSCHOOL Kaeun, UP10TION Jinhyuk were especially popular members!

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I.O.I, WannaOne, and IZ*ONE will be able to work for the scheduled period, but unfortunately X1 has disbanded.

Now X1 members are working hard as a new group or solo.

We support the success of members from Produce 101 in the future ♪