IZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakura changed to pink and purple hair ! What are the fans’ reactions to Grape Sakura?

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Quote from:instagram
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IZ*ONE who appeared in Produce48 and was formed by a referendum.

IZ*ONE also has three Japanese members.

This time I would like to introduce IZONE’s Sakura Miyawaki new hair color!

This is a picture of Sakura Miyawaki posted on IZ*ONE’s official Instagram.

There was a comment saying, “Grape Sakura came to SORIBADA”.

Sakura used to have black hair until recently, but she changed to pink & purple hair!

It’s a hair color like never before, and it’s as if she is out of the manga world.

The fans were posted comments that Sakura is cute and beautiful!

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Miyawaki Sakura who is attracting attention for her new hair color.

IZ*ONE members often change their hair color, so it’s fun to watch.

I’m also paying attention to the hair color of IZONE members in the future♪