TREASURE showcased “BOY” debut stage at SBS Inkigayo! Dance break was wonderful !!

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TREASURE finally debuted from YG Entertainment.

The MV of TREASURE’s debut song “BOY” was released 10 million times soon after it was released.

It’s easy to see that TREASURE is getting attention from the world.

In SBS Inkigayo on August 9, TREASURE debuted the stage for their debut song “BOY”!

TREASURE – ‘BOY’ 0809 SBS Inkigayo

This is the stage of TREASURE “BOY” in SBS Inkigayo.

It was the first time TREASURE appeared on a music program.

The stage was so imposing that it didn’t look like a newcomer, and it was cool!

TREASURE was known that had a lot of performance skill at the audition program “YG Treasure Box”.

The high-pitched vocals of Jihoon and Yedam were beautiful.

The rap part of Haruto and Hyunsuk was also cool.

Especially the dance break was really awesome!

They danced accurately without disturbing difficult dances.

The endings I was interested were Haruto, Asahi, and Junkyu.

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TREASURE is attracting attention from all over the world.

They also showed a great performance on SBS Inkigayo.

I am looking forward to TREASURE’s success in the future♪