Sailor Moon is cute!Check out TWICE airport fashion!!

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A very popular girl group TWICE of nine people.

TWICE became very popular in no time after it debuted.

It is existence of the longing of the woman.

TWICE was announced that they will make a comeback soon.

Twice arrived in Seoul from Jeju Island after taking mv photography of the new song.

I introduce the airport fashion of TWICE to be worried about.

Twice was recently a hot topic for member’s imagechange.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of new songs will be released!

Let’s introduce twice airport fashion in turn.

Quote: Newsen

First of all, twice Jeongyeon’s airport fashion.

Her stately figure is cool!

It was a uniform fashion in a calm color.

Quote: Newsen

Then there is airport fashion of TWICE Sana.

Sana looks good on the cap!

Orange hair is cute.

Her loose sweatshirt was cute.

Quote: Newsen

Then there’s airport fashion of TWICE Nayeon.

Her long coat is stylish!

Her white sneakers are pretty, too.

Quote: Newsen

Then there is airport fashion of TWICE Chaeyoung.

This airport fashion is also a unique fashion that seems to be Chaeyoung.

Her hairstyle was also unique and cool.