TWICE Jeongyeon is finally back! Seoul Music Awards has become a hot topic! ONCE is very impressed!


Seoul Music Awards held on January 31st.

Many popular idols such as NU’EST, OHMYGIRL, TWICE, TXT, StrayKids, TREASURE, ENHYPEN have appeared.

The appearance of TWICE Jeongyeon, who was resting, has become a hot topic!

Jeongyeon has been inactive since October 2020 for health reasons.

Fans all over the world were worried about Jeongyeon’s health and quietly waited for her return.

Jeongyeon didn’t appear at the end of the year song festival, but at last we could see TWICE of all 9 people at the Seoul Music Awards. !!

I want Jeongyeon to join TWICE’s activities slowly without overdoing it.

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TWICE Mina was also inactive for health reasons before Jeongyeon was inactive.

Recently, SNS has become widespread and KPOP has become popular all over the world, so the burden on artists is increasing.

TWICE has a particularly busy schedule, and I think there is a lot of pressure.

We will continue to support the days when TWICE can work happily!