Momo was too happy! ? TWICE achieved three crowns in “2020 SOBA” !!

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Quote from:TV Daily
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The “2020 SOBA” held online.

A lot of idols such as TWICE, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, NCT DREAM, and Kang Daniel appeared in “2020 SOBA”.

TWICE has achieved 3 crowns in “2020 SOBA”!

This is TWICE who appeared in “2020 SOBA”.

In 2020 SOBA, TWICE has won the three crowns of Female Popularity Award, Bonsang Award, and Artist of the Year.

At the Female Popularity Award, after Dahyun’s award comment, it became a hot topic that Momo was too happy!

Not only Momo, but also Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and other members were jumping and cute.

The MC was also laughing at how cute TWICE was.

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TWICE has achieved three crowns in “2020 SOBA”.

TWICE is still very popular.

We will continue to support the success of TWICE♪