TWICE achieves the fastest 100 crowns in history! In “MORE & MORE”, won the 1st place for the third time! !!

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TWICE is making a comeback with the new song “MORE & MORE”.

Each music program continues to win first place.

TWICE “MORE & MORE” won the 1st place at the music bank on June 12th!

Dahyun played the special MC role at this music bank.

IU “eight” was selected as the first candidate with TWICE.

And TWICE won the first place.

This time, TWICE won the 1st place of the 100th music program in total.

A record breaking record has been reached.

At the encore stage, we breathed in helium gas and sang “MORE & MORE”.

The members made cute voices and sang.

It was an interesting encore stage.

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TWICE has won the 1st place of the 100th music program.

The fastest record ever is amazing.

I’m looking forward to how far TWICE can extend the record ♪