Mysterious atmosphere! TWICE releases new song “MORE & MORE” MV! !

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TWICE, the top Korean girl group.

It’s a group where all the members are cute and performance is always a topic.

The MV of a new song “MORE & MORE” by TWICE has been released!

This is the MV of TWICE’s new song “MORE & MORE”.

The teaser video of “MORE & MORE” was released a while ago, and it became a hot topic.

The MV of “MORE & MORE” finally released was a MV with a mysterious atmosphere.

The scene of dancing in the forest was impressive.

The phrase “MORE MORE MORE MORE …” is heard repeatedly.

The chorus dance was nice, and the peach was really cool in the dance break.

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TWICE made a comeback with the new song “MORE & MORE”.

It was an MV with a different atmosphere from the TWICE MVs they have used up to now.

I’m looking forward to the stage of TWICE in the music program!

Please check it out!